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World’s largest biochar producer Exomad Green – available via CHAR

The CHAR carbon pool is automated infrastructure for the buying and selling of registry-approved and high-integrity carbon credits. Here, we’re introducing one of the projects available via CHAR.

The Exomad Green project, based in Bolivia, is aiming to revolutionize the use of biomass residues for environmental sustainability. Focused on producing hardwood biochar through the recycling of biomass residues, Exomad Green’s operations primarily revolve around pyrolysis – a process that converts organic materials into biochar in the absence of oxygen. This method prevents these residues from being incinerated, which would release significant CO2 into the atmosphere. It also produces Biochar, a carbon-rich, highly porous material noted for its effectiveness in sequestering carbon, enhancing soil fertility, and supporting sustainable agriculture.

Achievements across the biochar space

Exomad Green’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility has not gone unnoticed. The company reached the 1st place as the world’s biggest biochar producer in 2023. Moreover, it has closed an offtake agreement with Microsoft for 32000 CORCs (carbon credits certified by carbon registry This is the largest offtake agreement in history! This achievement underscores Exomad Green’s innovative approach to carbon sequestration and its contribution to the global effort to mitigate climate change. By transforming waste into wealth and focusing on sustainable biochar production, Exomad Green is not only paving the way for a more sustainable future but also setting a benchmark for environmental stewardship and social impact in the green technology sector.

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Exomad’s Enthusiasm for participating in CHAR

Exomad Green is thrilled to participate in CHAR by Toucan, recognizing it as a significant milestone in our journey towards global sustainability and carbon sequestration. This platform aligns seamlessly with our mission and values, providing an innovative and efficient marketplace for our biochar carbon removal credits (CORCs). We are particularly excited about this opportunity for several reasons:

Streamlined Access to Capital:
By selling our CORCs through CHAR, we anticipate enhanced liquidity for our carbon credits, enabling us to reinvest in our operations and expansion efforts more effectively. This access to capital is crucial for scaling our production capabilities and maximizing our environmental impact.

Increased Visibility and Market Reach:
Participating in CHAR will elevate Exomad Green’s presence in the global carbon market, allowing us to connect with a broader audience of eco-conscious buyers. This exposure is invaluable for building partnerships and driving awareness about the benefits of biochar as a carbon sequestration solution. 

Support for the Biochar Market:
CHAR’s infrastructure supports the growth of the biochar market by providing a reliable and transparent platform for transactions. Exomad Green is eager to contribute to and benefit from this ecosystem, which promises to streamline the buying and selling process for biochar credits. 

Positive Influence of CHAT on the Biochar Market and Climate Solutions

Stimulating Market Growth:
By facilitating the on-demand buying and selling of biochar carbon credits, CHAR is set to play a pivotal role in addressing supply bottlenecks in the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) sector. This infrastructure will encourage both young and established biochar projects to ramp up production, contributing to a more robust and diversified supply of biochar in the market.

Enhancing Financial Viability:
For projects like Exomad Green, the ability to quickly liquidate carbon credits into capital means more resources for research, development, and operational expansion. This financial support is essential for innovating and improving biochar production processes, making biochar an increasingly viable and attractive option for carbon sequestration.

Broadening Climate Impact:
By supporting the biochar sector, CHAR not only promotes the use of a highly effective carbon sequestration method but also amplifies its impact on climate change mitigation. The platform’s emphasis on transparency and efficiency can increase trust and participation in the carbon credit market, drawing more attention and resources to climate solutions.

Overall, Exomad Green’s participation in CHAR is a strategic step towards accelerating our impact on carbon sequestration and supporting the broader mission of combating climate change through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Exomad Green’s biochar credits are available via the CHAR carbon pool.

Learn more about CHAR, or purchase biochar credits of your choice.