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Integrating with Easily Access High-Quality Carbon Credits

Puro Toucan

We’re excited to announce the release of a two-way bridge to carbon removal standard By creating the first bridge that integrates with the Puro Connect API, Toucan has enabled the instant settlement of engineered carbon removal credits on-chain, which accelerates the speed for carbon retirements. Project developers can access new demand sources, while market participants can move beyond over-the-counter trades.

Why biochar?

Biochar is emerging as an important, multi-benefit solution for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In addition to increasing crop yields and mitigating climate change, biochar is a net-negative product that removes more carbon than its production emits. 

🌿 Biochar is obtained from heating biomass (wood, leaves, straw, or other biosolids) at high temperatures without oxygen. This process, known as pyrolysis, concentrates carbon in a form that is very resistant to biological decomposition.

The market for biochar is growing robustly, and its versatility makes it an increasingly desirable option for carbon removal. Partnering with enables us to offer these high-value biochar credits in the form of TCO2s, opening the door for buyers that are looking for impactful and versatile carbon credit options.

🌿 TCO2 is a unified and interoperable data standard and terminology for “tokenized carbon credit”. Each TCO2 is linked to a carbon credit in a trusted source registry.

How does this integration work?

Toucan’s first-of-its-kind two-way bridge connects the Puro Connect API to the Celo and Polygon networks. Anyone who is hooked up to can submit a tokenization request for their CO2 Removal Certificates – or CORCs – and Toucan will mint them as tokens on-chain. Once the CORCs are on the public ledger, you can instantly trade or sell them in the form of TCO2s; retire them to claim the impact of the credit; or bring them back off-chain at any point in time. These functions give you and your customers maximum flexibility to deploy your assets how and where you want to, which is an important step in Toucan’s mission to provide full traceability and data integrity. For those interested in a deeper understanding of how this two-way bridge works, have a look at our documentation under

How do I start?

Request access to Version 1 now. We’ll provide a detailed walkthrough on how to tokenize, detokenize, and retire CORCs using Toucan’s Puro Bridge and the Puro Connect API. You’ll learn how to get started, whether you’re a Puro account holder or not, gain insights into what’s on our roadmap, and experience how to get the most out of the first version of our bridge.

What's next?

We see this integration as a leap toward making the carbon market faster, more transparent, and more efficient. We’re excited to increase access to high-quality biochar carbon removal credits, and this marks another milestone in our journey toward full automation.

About the Companies

Toucan is building technology to unlock climate action at scale. Our digital infrastructure is helping to grow the voluntary carbon market (VCM) in a transparent and high-integrity way, by increasing the flow of revenue to the most effective climate impact projects. is one of the world’s leading crediting platforms for engineered carbon removal, with a mission to mobilize the economy to reward carbon net negative emissions. Their deep expertise, quality technical infrastructure, and shared vision to scale up high-impact climate finance, makes an ideal crediting source for Toucan. Together, we strive to make a significant difference in the world of climate finance.