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introducing Char - Symbol

Introducing CHAR

Char - Toucan

The first liquid market
for biochar credits

Carbon Assets - Char - Toucan


Launch Liquidity
March 2024


Vetted Projects
at launch


Carbon Credits Retired
all time


introducing Char - Symbol

How it works

Char - Toucan

CHAR by Toucan is infrastructure for the automated, on-demand buying and selling of biochar carbon credits.

Dollar Sign - Toucan

CHAR aggregates screened credits from the Puro Registry (“CORCs”) on one single platform as CHAR. As a project developer, you can sell your CORCs into CHAR. Buyers can purchase specific biochar credits from CHAR’s available supply.

Simplifying Access - Toucan

CHAR’s streamlined access to capital furthers Toucan’s mission to address major supply bottlenecks across CDR. It helps young and established projects in the nascent biochar market space to liquidate their credits to fund their growing operations.

introducing Char - Symbol

Partners & Suppliers

Char - Toucan
Melissa Leung - Toucan
" Oregon Biochar Solutions and GECA are excited to launch Toucan’s new infrastructure together and believe it will bring transparency and trust to the VCM, while accelerating project development in the CDR space through climate financing.
Melissa Leung
Director of Business Development & Carbon,
GECA Environnement
" Disseminating knowledge of high-quality biochar projects and improving access to the associated carbon removal credits is key to further developing our space - our kudos to Toucan!
Peter Popplewell
BC Biocarbon
" American BioCarbon is delighted to collaborate with Toucan on initiatives aimed at expanding access to carbon removal credits and fostering investments in climate solutions such as our biochar.
Julia Taylor
Director of Corporate Affairs
American BioCarbon
" Exomad Green is thrilled to participate in CHAR by Toucan, which provides an innovative and efficient marketplace for our biochar carbon removal credits. We anticipate enhanced liquidity for our carbon credits, enabling us to reinvest in our operations and expansion efforts more effectively.
Francesco Guglielmi
Chief Marketing & Sales
Exomad Green
Dollar Symbol - Toucan

Selling Biochar Credits

Turn eliglible biochar credits into cash.

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Sell CORCs anytime

With CHAR, you always have a buyer for your credits. Sales can be executed from anywhere in the world. Once tokenized, your biochar credits are directly sold into a highly liquid biochar market, without the need to wait for a counterparty.

icon - Toucan

Opt out when you want

Credits can freely move on and off our platform. They can always be redeemed for their underlying CORCs in the Puro Registry, and sold via other sales channels. There is no lock-in or waiting time. 

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Earn royalties

CHAR’s underlying technology will allocate a portion of the reselling proceeds to the original project developer each time a project’s credit is sold into or redeemed out of the CHAR pool. Project developers profit from their credits being traded, rather than just receiving one spot payment.

icon - Toucan

Clear price point

The price of CHAR updates dynamically every time credits are sold or bought. Specific CORCs are priced based on the composition of projects in the pool. Current price and price history are publicly displayed for full transparency.

Buy Biochar credits

Buying Biochar Credits

The first liquid market for biochar credits.


Buying Biochar - Toucan

Stocked warehouse

The CHAR pool is a diverse, dynamically updating inventory of CORCs from a range of biochar projects. Simply select the specific project you want to buy, view its price in real-time, and execute purchases in minutes, 24/7.

Biochar - Toucan - Icon

Screened inventory

Only vetted, high-integrity CORCs verified by the Puro Standard are eligible for the CHAR pool. We evaluate eligible projects on 70+ questions to maintain rigorous diligence standards. These due-diligence reports will soon be visible to all.

Buy Biochar - Toucan

Know the price

CHAR is sold for a clear, publicly accessible price, which updates in real time to reflect market movement and pool composition. Price history and the current price for CHAR are visible to all.

Buy Biochar - Toucan - icon

Settle instantaneously

Once you’ve selected a credit to purchase, the transaction is settled in a matter of seconds and without any counter-party risk. Retirement transactions are instant as well. All interactions with CHAR can be shared with the public with one click.