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Biochar Developer American BioCarbon: From sugar cane to biochar

American Biocarbon

The CHAR carbon pool is automated infrastructure for the buying and selling of registry-approved and high-integrity carbon credits. Here, we’re introducing one of the projects available via CHAR.

Biochar Developer American BioCarbon is located in the USA, and produces biochar and various pellet products from sugar cane waste. The biochar production process also generates thermal and electric energy. All American BioCarbon credits are certified by carbon standard

By productively using agricultural waste, American BioCarbon prevents emissions from biomass decay, permanently sequesters carbon, and creates products that address several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

American BioCarbon’s flagship facility is located in White Castle, Louisiana. It is certified by and currently generates about 3,000 CORCs/year. American BioCarbon’s new commercial-scale facility is already pre-certified by About 165,000 biochar CORCs/year will start to be generated when operations begin in 2026.

American BioCarbon is delighted to collaborate with Toucan on initiatives aimed at expanding access to carbon removal credits and fostering investments in climate solutions, such as our biochar. As one of the initial developers selected to work closely with Toucan, we are excited to play a pivotal role in shaping the first liquid market for biochar credits.
Julia Taylor
Director of Corporate Affairs at American BioCarbon

American BioCarbon biochar credits are available via the CHAR carbon pool. Learn more about CHAR, or purchase biochar credits of your choice.

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