Toucan’s infrastructure brings programmable carbon to Web3, unlocking its potential for a regenerative economy.
Tonnes of C02 Bridged
Total DEX Liquidity
Climate Projects Tokenized
Carbon Trading Volume
For Web3 Builders
Join an ecosystem leveraging composable carbon for DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and the metaverse.
For Supply Partners
Unlock newfound utility for carbon credits with secure and verifiable tokenization.
For Climate Action
Participate in carbon markets and share your impact story with on-chain transparency.
Why Carbon and Web3
Towards a Regenerative Economy
Programmable carbon opens new opportunities for a regenerative and distributive economic system — one in balance with the planet’s boundaries.
Tokenize Carbon Credits
Deposit transferrable tokens that contain a 1:1 verifiable reference to carbon credits in a supported registry.
Embed Climate Action
Weave planet-positive impact into the fabric of Web3 interactions and create systems that are regenerative by design.
Scale Environmental Projects
Drive carbon credit demand and higher price signals to catalyze new environmental project development.
Meet the Carbon Stack 👋
From idle credits to powerful Web3 building blocks.
Toucan Bridge
The Toucan Bridge connects the voluntary carbon market to Web3. For each credit bridged, one Tokenized CO2 token is deposited. TCO2s are semi-fungible, retain valuable metadata, and can be pooled for max liquidity.
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Toucan Meta-Registry
Carbon credits bridged into TCO2s share standardized data, regardless of the source registry. This breaks down market silos while improving accessibility and transparency.
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Carbon Pools
Eligible TCO2s can be deposited into a Carbon Pool in return for fungible reference pool tokens (e.g. BCT). These highly liquid assets may then be redeemed back into TCO2s at any time.
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Carbon Pools
Carbon meets liquidity🌳
Unlocking new market synergies for innovation and impact.
Base Carbon Tonne
Our first pooled carbon asset, Base Carbon Tonne (BCT), is a foundational building block for Web3. It’s composed of a basket of carbon tokens that meet select third-party standards.
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Nature Carbon Tonne
Nature Carbon Tonne is a premium carbon pool that restricts TCO2 qualification to nature-based projects such as forestry and regenerative agriculture.
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Regenerative Ecosystem
Driving a movement for
planet-positive innovation
Transitioning to a regenerative economy requires all hands on deck. Here are some of our amazing partners working with us for a more sustainable future.
Toucan brings long-sought transparency and efficiency into the voluntary carbon ecosystem. This benefits both the supply and demand sides of the markets.
Toni Caradonna
CTO, Porini Foundation
Carbon Use Cases
Programmable for builders,
accessible to all
Toucan’s open infrastructure enables a new wave of regenerative innovation. Bring your ideas to the table and help shape the future.
Carbon as Collateral
Add tokenized carbon credits as a diversified collateral type in decentralised finance.
Carbon in the Metaverse
Incorporate carbon into the metaverse and incentivise IRL positive impact.
Transparent Compensation
Use Toucan’s upcoming retirement functionality to take public climate action.
Earn Interest on Carbon
Access new ways of turning carbon credits into productive, yield-bearing assets.
Green NFTs
Integrate carbon with your next NFT project for planet positive works of art.
Carbon as a Digital Asset
Diversify treasury or portfolio holdings with real-world carbon credits, tokenized.
Latest from the Flock
Regenerative Economies in Web3
While regenerative economics has been a topic of many papers and discussion for years, there is a promising regenerative movement emerging in web3 at the intersection of blockchain technology and climate action.
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